Inspired in a Yoruba sculpture-temple, Santiago’s fifth grade students conceived the drawing above with chalk on blackboard in 1996.




On “Dancing with the Saints,” the concert...
"It promises to engage you with its originality and intellectual sense."

—La Voz Libre , 1991, Los Angeles





Articles Related to Miguel F. Santiago

From the LA Times: excerpt from the article, “Parents Learn How to Untangle Red Tape” By Jocelyn Y. Stewart, Times Staff Writer, March 20, 2000

“Our school is falling apart,” said fifth-grade teacher Miguel Santiago. “The district officials need to come here and they need to sit in one classroom... for a month under the dust, without proper lighting and without windows and try to do their work....”

Said Santiago, the fifth-grade teacher, “If we want to change education we need to listen to our parents and what we owe to them is to [keep them] fully informed.”

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From the Daily Bulletin: excerpt from the article, “School said to exclude parents” By Andrew Wainer, Staff Writer, June 24, 2000:

“The parents felt they were not being heard by the district,” fifth grade teacher Miguel Santiago said. “They have done everything they can within the law to get the answers. It’s been a very painful process.”












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