Welcome to Miguel F., site of the Puerto Rican artist, choreographer, educator and author. This educational website is like taking a journey to the rich culture of Puerto Rico and having a conversation with the artist at the same time. What fuels his fancy and imagination as well as the by-product of this creative process, will be exhibited on this unique site. Read about or order Santiago’s much talked about book: “Dancing with the Saints,” an exploration of dance in the Santeria religion. Enter the gallery and enjoy the artist’s collection of paintings inspired by his interpretation of the spirit world; a theme that has become the center of Santiago’s studies and the trademark of his work for the past 21 years.


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Dancing with the Saints
by Miguel F. Santiago
Paperback, 117 pages
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From the Foreword of “Dancing with the Saints” by Emma Lewis Thomas, Ph.D.

A figure enters the stage... cloaked in black, the head hidden from view, the feet reaching out from beneath the murky folds of cloth tentatively, yet full of energy... darting, sliding, grasping the floor in soft black slipper-shoes that cannot contain the restlessness of the feet scurrying along, carrying the figure as dead weight above the animated toes-arches-heels that almost take on a life of their own, like two small animals pursuing prey, moving instinctively and purposefully across the floor.... Read more...

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On “Dancing with the Saints,” Sara M. Sánchez, Associate Professor at the University of Miami, writes: “....Focusing on the dance aspect, this is an innovative examination of the religious ritual and the diverse modes of dance representing each deity.”

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Inspired in a Yoruba sculpture-temple, Santiago’s fifth grade students conceived the drawing above with chalk on blackboard in 1996.


Dance Performance by Puerto Rican Artist-Choreographer Miguel F. Santiago

“Death Dance”
“Dancing with the Saints”

Santeria Death Dance

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Choreographed & performed by
Puerto Rican artist Miguel F. Santiago

Santerian dance by Puerto Rican artist Miguel F. Santiago


Special thanks to the University of California, Los Angeles for its continuous support and faith in my research endeavors. My warm gratitute to Drake University for its strong foundation in the art of communication.

–Miguel F. Santiago





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